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    Meet our platinum sponsor: Normet

    About Normet

    Normet is a fast growing and innovative technology company with a passion to offer continuous improvement to underground construction and mining processes for increased safety, productivity and profitability. 

    Normet has a broad underground offering:

        • Equipment for concrete spraying and transport, explosives charging, scaling, lifting, installation works, and logistics
        • Construction chemicals for sprayed concrete, admixtures for all types concrete, injection systems for  rock improvement, reinforcement systems for  high deformation conditions, spray applied waterproofing systems and needed chemicals for TBM technology covering hard rock, EPB, open face and slurry type machines
        • High quality and innovative rock reinforcement products that reduce the risk and consequences of accidents and facilitate high productivity in challenging rock conditions.

    Normet has delivered over 11,000 built-for-purpose underground machines which are serviced and supported with Life Time Care.

    Normet currently employs over 800 business professionals.

    Normet is a Finnish based company that operates globally with over 42 locations in 28 countries worldwide.



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