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    Tunnelling activity in Norway

    Traditionally Norway has a high activity in the excavations of tunnels and caverns. This year is no exception. Many projects are ongoing and many will follow in the years to come.

    The Norwegian Tunnelling Society is making an annual statistics showing the amount of excavated materials from underground projects. Last year this volume reached nearly 7,3 mill. theoretical m3, equivalent to a length of approximately 100 km. (Link til Tunnelstatistikken 2016)

    The biggest ongoing project is the Follo line. Here 4 TBMs with diameter 9,96 m are excavating a total of 36 km of railway tunnels.

    Also the Ryfast project outside of Stavanger with nearly 50 km of highway tunnels is ongoing and scheduled for commission in 2019. A large portion of this tunnel is sub-sea down to a depth of – 291 m.

    Outside of Bergen is the new E39 Svegatjønn – Rådal project well under way, including approx.. 28 km of highway tunnels.

    These 3 projects are available on the WTC 2017 tour program.

    Of major coming projects, the Rogfast subsea highway tunnel project may start already next year, including 2 x 27 km of tunnels down to 390 m below sea level.

    A little more ahead, the 23 km long Ringeriksbanen rail tunnel will start, scheduled to be completed at the end of 2024.

    In the final planning stage are also 4 – 5 big PPP highway projects. each with total value of 0,5 – 1 bill. EURO, all including major tunnelling works.

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