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    Are you confused?

    A new world of abbreviations?

    ITA, WTC, ITACET many letters, but what is hidden behind all these letters. We will try to explain:

    • WTC: World Tunnelling Congress
    • NFF : Norsk forening for fjellsprengningsteknikk (In English The Norwegian Tunnelling Society)
    • ITA: International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association
    • AITES: The same as above, just with the French abbreviations (Association Internationale Des Tunnels et de l´Éspace Souterrain)
    • ITA-CET: Committee on Education and Training
    • ITA-COSUF: Committee on Operational Safety and Underground Facilities
    • ITA-CUS: Committee on Underground Space
    • ITA-TECH: Committee on Technologies
    • ExCO: Executive Council
    • ITA-YM: Young Members

    We hope that this clarified a bit.

    What happens in Bergen? What applies to me?

    Most of the events in Bergen are open for everybody, you don’t have to be a member of any organization in order to come and learn and share knowledge. Here is some of the information necessary to understand the registration.

    ITACET Training Courses

    ITACET is responsible for a two-days training session Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of June. You can participate in this course as a separate event. You don’t have to participate on other things in addition to this course. If you or a colleague of yours is interested in learning more about soft ground tunnelling, this is the class you want to join. You will find the whole program for this course at our web-site.

    WTC 2017

    This is the main event, and you shouldn’t miss it. The Congress starts with a welcoming Reception Sunday the 11th of June at 19.30. The professional sessions starts at Monday the 12th of June at 08.55 and the closing ceremony ends at 18.00. Included in this event are exhibitions, technical sessions, and the lucky ones that were early enough to ensure themselves a ticket to a technical visit.

    If you have signed up to the main event, you can also sign up to additional happenings such as pre- and posttrips and gala dinner. You cannot sign up for these additional events as a separate event without signing up for the main event.

    ITA- AITES Annual meeting

    The annual meeting starts at 08.30 Saturday 10th of June and ends with the General Assembly at Wednesday the 14th of June at 17.00. During this period it will be arranged different meetings with limited access. If you are interested in learning more about ITA and the annual meeting events, ITA will have their own office in Grieghallen during these days.

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