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    About Us


    The International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA) is the leading international organization promoting the use of tunnels and underground space through knowledge sharing and application of technology. ITA represents all aspects of tunnel and underground space planning, design and construction. Since its formation in 1974, ITA has encouraged the use of the subsurface and has promoted advances in planning, design, construction, maintenance and safety of tunnels and underground space. Currently, over 70 Member Nations and hundreds of Corporate and Individual Affiliate Members are members of ITA.

    Each year, ITA holds its General Assembly meeting and, at the same time, holds the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) in a different Member Nation around the world. WTC is the foremost international conference on tunneling and underground space where participants gather and share information to improve their industry. In 2017, the WTC will be held in Bergen hosted by the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF).


    About NFF

    In 1963 the Norwegian Tunneling Society (NFF) was established to bring together and strengthen the professional environments which embody mining disciplines and rock technology. NFF’s vision is to be the central knowledge arena for rock engineering technology and underground solution.

    The membership of more than 1100 individuals and 90 companies spans the entire scope of profession – from project owners, to contractors, consulting engineers, equipment suppliers and research centers.

    Members of NFF have a range of professions and technical backgrounds. What we share is the culture to discuss and exchange our experience, arranging courses, conferences and membership meetings. NFF works to promote the interests and profile of underground solutions.

    NFF is organized into a range of different committees who perform their missions on a voluntary basis. Each committee is responsible for a specific topic.

    Priority number one for NFF is that the Norwegian Construction Industry shall be:

    • A safe place to work without accidents where either humans or the environment are injured
    • Attractive and visible
    • Innovative and based on knowledge

    To fulfill these goals, NFFs committees are continuously and systematic working with specific mitigations within different areas.

    NFF is actively involved in the international aspects of the profession, and contributed to the formation of the International Tunneling Association (ITA) in 1974.