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    WTC-2017 Session topics


    • Site investigation, ground characterization
    • Urban tunnelling (planning, design and construction)
    • Strategic use of underground space for resilient city growth
    • Utilization of underground for hydropower projects (unlined tunnels and shafts, underwater piercing, air cushion chambers)
    • Mechanized excavation (hard rock, soft rock and soil)
    • Innovations in drill and blast excavation
    • Large caverns (planning, design and construction)
    • Underwater tunnels (strait crossings for road and railway, utility tunnels)
    • Tunnelling for mining purposes
    • Underground waste storage and disposal
    • Innovations in rock support and water proofing technology
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Safety management of complex underground excavations
    • Stability assessment, risk analysis and risk management
    • Seismic design of tunnels and underground excavations
    • Case histories – lessons learnt


    Key dates

    • Call for papers:                                         01.03.2016
    • Submission of abstracts:                       01.07.2016
    • Acceptance of abstracts:                        01.10.2015
    • Submission of papers:                            15.01.2017
    • Acceptance of papers:                             14.03.2017
    • Notification to speakers:                         15.04.2017