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    Technical Tours & Site visits

    Short Technical Site Visits during the Congress – Monday to Wednesday 12-14 June

    All visits start from the Grieg hall Congress venue at 0900 hrs with return at 1200 hrs.

    All site visits are included in the Congress fee.

    Ulriken Water Treatment Plant
    Monday 12 June


    The work:
    • Access tunnels and caverns to the processing plant, intake pipe, clean water reservoir.
    • New sub surface processing plant with full purification of drinking water.
    • New water intake in the reservoir Svartediket.
    • New water pool in rock, 70 m above sea level.
    • Modification of existing pithead installations for access.
    • Tunnel (about 2 km).

    The E39 from Rådal to Os – Tunnel and road construction
    Tuesday 13 June


    • Purpose: The aim is to establish an efficient system for the transport of goods and passengers. Our society expects efficient traffic flow and regional accessibility, as well as road safety in the network of main roads.
    • Length: New E39: 16,250 m.
    • Extent: In total, 18,000 m of main road and 1300 m of new county road with pedestrian and cycle lane.
    • Financing: Road toll and national government.
    • Total cost: NOK 6.2 billion.
    • Start: 2015
    • Estimated opening: 2020

    Ulriken railway project with tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the new Bergen railway line between Arna and Bergen City.
    Wednesday 14 June


    The New Ulriken tunnel from Arna to Bergen, 7.8 km long will be the first railway tunnel in Norway  constructed with Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). The TBM has a diameter of 9.3 m.

    The contract has a value of 1.3 billion NOK.


    Thursday 15 June
    Tour to Kollsnes Gas Terminal / Sture Oil Terminal in Øygarden municipality

    Cost per person NOK 900.

    Thursday 15 June
    Tour to Kollsnes Gas Terminal / Sture Oil Terminal in Øygarden municipality

    Cost per person NOK 900.

    Departure from the Grieg hall Congress venue at 0900 hrs by coach. Drive west into the archipelago of Bergen


    Kollsnes Gas TERMINAL   

    Kollsnes Gas Process Plant in Øygarden Municipality north-east of Bergen, was set in operation in 1996 as a part of the Troll Project. At the plant, gas from the Troll, Kvitebjørn og Visund fields in the North Sea are processed, with a capacity of 145 Sm3 NGL – natural gas liquids and 69 000 Sm3 condensate per day.

    Shore approach of the Troll gas pipelines

    An important civil work at Kollsnes was the Shore Approach of the Troll Gas pipeline as s shown on the figure below. The work was executed from January 1991 to December1995, and comprised 7500m tunnels to a connection point for the Troll pipelines 3600 m from landside and 200 m under sea level.


    Kollsnes Gas Terminal – Shore approach

    The contract included also engineering and the installation of two 450 tons riser packets. These riser packets were installed and concreted into the piercing shafts from the tunnel system at 168.5 m below sea level. Piercing of a tunnel/shaft system into sea at 168.5 m is one of the deepest ever executed in the world.


    From the Øygarden municipality


    The Sture Oil Terminal

    At the Sture Terminal in Øygarden municipality, approximately 60 km north-east of Bergen, the construction work started in 1984 with Norsk Hydro as operator.

    The Sture Terminal was able to receive the first oil brought ashore from the Norwegian Continental Shelf in December 1988. This was the first crossing with a pipeline of the Norwegian Trench down to a water depth of 360 m. 

    The terminal was officially opened by King Olav at 30 March 1989. The Sture Terminal receives crude oil and condensate through the Oseberg Transport System (OTS) from the Oseberg A platform, via a 115 km long 28” (71.1cm) pipeline, and crude oil from the Grane field through Grane Oil Pipe (GOP) via a 212 km long pipeline 29” (74.0 cm). The terminal comprises two large quay facilities able to accommodate handling of large crude carriers up to 300 000 dead weight tons.

    There are five crude oil caverns of dimensions (length*width*height of 314*19*33 m) with storage capacity of 1 million m3.


    Lunch at the Coastal Museum at Ovågen, Øygarden.

    The excursion will end with a cruise to the islands north of Øygarden, before returning to Bergen.